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The.Departed.DVDRiP.XViD-DvF 01:09:23
The.Departed.DVDRiP.XViD-DvF 01:09:15
The.Departed.TC.XViD-PUKKA 01:02:00
The.Departed.TC.XViD-PUKKA 01:15:57
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The Departed

To take down South Boston's Irish Mafia, the police send in one of their own to infiltrate the underworld, not realizing the syndicate has done likewise. While an undercover cop curries favor with the mob kingpin, a career criminal rises through the police ranks. But both sides soon discover there's a mole among them.

Quality : HD Duration : 151 mins imDB Rating : 8 Release Date : 2006-10-05

Also Known As :

: 无间行者
: A tégla
: Infiltrados
: От другата страна
: Skrytá identita
: Kahe tule vahel
: Ο πληροφοριοδότης
: Pokojni
: Ha-Shtoolim
: Dipâteddo
: Infiltruoti
: Parakit hoad faengtua koan chaopho
: The Departed - Entre Inimigos
: رفتگان

Actors :

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